Freedom – What does it actually mean to us?

Freedom – What does it actually mean to us?

We all desire ‘freedom’ in one way or another. And mostly it is freedom from a limiting thought, feeling, or emotion. Our mind works non-stop even while we are asleep, our body rests but our mind is constantly working. In simple words, most of us are seeking financial freedom when it comes to wealth matters. Personal freedom, when it comes to relationships, is mostly to do with others and freedom from the disease of our bodies.

Our lives are not only fast paced, these days, we are all victims of an overload of information. If you pay attention to how much of your time during a day is spent on information that actually contributes to you and how much time do you invest in information that actually has nothing to do with you or your life is hardly contributory to creating greater good, not only for you and your loved ones, but also for the greater good of the planet.

Our target or aim is to be happy. We are all asking for simply being happy for us, our loved ones, and a happier, peaceful planet. And yet, this seems to be the most challenging ASK we have of God, The Divine, The Universe whoever or whatever it is you pray and place your requests.

This has been my search as well in life from a young age is to simply be happy. We all have desires based on what life stage we are at. For children a toy or an ice cream would bring them joy, for teenagers getting into a great university would bring them joy, for someone in their 20’s it would probably be to get a job in a multinational company or even a romantic interest and so on. Time to get married, time to have a child, time to get a promotion, time to buy a property, time to lose weight, time to address a health issue, time for your child to get good marks and make you proud and so on and so forth, this cycle we call life goes on constantly at play. There is always some kind of  ask/desire.

In the circle of life, we very often find the time or rather make time to look within. To seek that ease, peace, and joy the desire starts from within. Our dependence on the external world to make us happy is self-sabotaging. As in truth no one or nothing outside of you can bring you true joy. The sense of “Freedom” we are all seeking is truly possible when you have that for you within. And this all starts with a Thought, Feeling, and Emotion.

When you change your ‘point of view’, what you are thinking or feeling or emoting, changes.

The power of thought, what you think you create are beyond just being positive. Being positive of course is a very good start no doubt and then when to have no defined point of view about any aspect of your life you get to be undefined. You get to taste that sense of freedom from all limiting thoughts. Fear, doubt, anger, rage, blame, shame, guilt regret, jealousy, and such emotions cannot stick to you and make you less than anymore.

So, my question to you is, are you willing to go beyond limiting thoughts, feelings, and emotions to have the “freedom” you are seeking? What will create more for you, your life, and your body with Ease? Would you be willing to pause and ask that question?