‘I love you and so…’ got created firstly as I have very interesting points of view about the four letter word ‘love’. I have either used it very extensively, especially in relationships with the other sex, and found myself completely caught up in having said ‘I love you’ , or have taken others who have said these words very seriously, coming to conclusions more often than not the four letter word was far too sacred.

Not only did this emotion keep me distracted from what Is and far from creating and having the life I knew was possible for me.

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Now, I am in no way limiting this emotion to relationships with the other sex alone. It applies to all relationships we experience where often we find ourselves in a tangle or in a constant state of lack or just not enough.

There have been times when one genuinely meant it and as I concluded that this thing called love wasn’t working for me, I avoided it. At one point, I believed that being out of love suited me better than being in it as is commonly perceived. Especially when someone rejects the one they conclude they are in love with while the latter has simply fallen out of love.

After several such personal experiences, I came to detest the word ‘love’. Anytime this was said to me by anyone not necessarily the other sex alone, even friends or siblings, I realized that how one felt in love or being loved or loving did not have to mean and be the same feeling to the other.

Today, I am grateful for this awareness, choosing to know more, have more and be more, not having to make me wrong for all the experiences I have had or rather chosen. Infact, they have all contributed to my personal growth, strength, courage and constant determination to outcreate limitations and to continue seeking the truth of life here on this beautiful planet.

Happiness is a choice I commit to make everyday as I choose to not be the effect of my external circumstances or the effect of choices others make. I get to acknowledge that I have choice in every area of my life and so do you.

A lot of my observations and perspectives are not only from my own humble experiences with life also many of those who I have facilitated either through sessions or just conversations and how this emotion ‘love’ when always with a hidden agenda of expectation creates more separation than allowance for the other.

Somewhere in the crevices of my being,

I always knew there had to be a different possibility, a different way of functioning. Having that true sense of joy for simply being me on this beautiful planet of ours and allowing other’s to be as well. Wonder, if this would create more wholeness, oneness and space where we all get to function from a space of ‘no judgement’. In truth, isn’t this what we are all thriving for?

I would like to highlight that my intention is not to make the emotion ‘love’ a wrongness, not in the least especially in times where are all talking about universal love, unconditional love. Rather, my target is to bring the awareness that the act of ‘loving with gratitude, kindness and allowance is far greater and superior way of functioning as it does not require any judgement of self or the other. It eradicates the need of expectations and allows us to gift and receive freely from a space of awareness rather than desperation, want, require, desire and most importantly conclusions.


What if all our choices are based on a question that gives us the awareness of what would create more? What if we were to trust our knowing for a change? What if we could have the courage to ASK whatever we are seeking from the Universe, God, Divine, or the Source – whatever it is for you? A simple question such as, if I choose this what will this create? If I don’t choose this what will this create is a good starting point. Would we then make choices that would create more ease, peace, joy, harmony, and possibility we all seek and desire to have in our lives?

What if we could include ourselves in the gifting and receiving of love? Wonder what that would create for the greater good.