Having lived in Dubai for more than 2 decades LIFE has been one interesting journey so far.
And in an interesting way is still exciting on what the future holds.

Started my Corporate career in Advertising

When I first came to Dubai, my plan was to live here for 2 years and return home to Bangalore, India. I look at all these years I have lived here and the experiences, the learnings, the growth, the success, the romance, the heartaches, the goosebumps, the riches, the world travels, the joy and the success all appear like a flashback ‘mind movie’.

It has been one exciting roller coaster ride and am all up for what’s to come.

So, I started my Corporate Career in Advertising. Started as an Account Executive, Junior level in Brand / Account Management. Through all I got and climbed up the ladder fairly quick I’d say, with each year getting promotions in designations and then reflecting in a good salary hike. Got the Cars, had the affairs, had the heartaches, depressed and even suicidal on two occasions, developing addiction to substance to cut of my awareness. And in the midst of it all had a lot of fun and simply just lived it up.

One-on-one sessions
International workshops
Climbed the ladder up in Corporate Advertising till I got to the position of Group Account Director managing a team of 6 in the group, servicing multinational brands, travelled the world on conferences and international commercial TV shoots… the works. You know the feeling when you are so busy and having fun you don’t know what day of the year it is and how long you have actually been doing what you do.
About Description

And then came a point, like we all have that moment in life. I got burnt out working, travelling having the abusive relationships and wanted to reset the button. I just knew something needed to change. And so I quit my job right when the recession started in 2009 and started my own Production Company called Papprikka Productions.

Everyone thought I was a bit crazy including my then boss. I just know something needs to change and I needed to change gear and so I just went with it. With no clients on hand I started with small steps. Today Papprikka is 10 years of age and we have worked with some great multi-national clients on producing TV commercials, stills and videos.

And then comes another turn in life. Being a seeker since childhood and knowing that there was always something more. Now not more in terms of greed more in terms of being something more, doing something more and creating something more. Status quo and a predictable life had never been my thing.

Got the career success, got the car, got the house I should be saying got the MAN, the relationship with the other sex is something I didn’t manage to keep in hindsight maybe not getting caught up in a relationship is what actually is my true game changer. Now, I haven’t given up on the idea altogether, yet am very comfortable being in one or not being in one. Peace prevailed within that to be ME I didn’t have to have this box ticked as well.

Here, we shift gears

yet again with total enthusiasm, looking within.

So this journey started with reading several books, learning different healing modalities, working on self and now at a space and place where I facilitate others with all the tools I have learnt, that I have worked for me to create greater.

On facilitating people from different walks of life, career women and men, home makers, teenagers, women and men I found how our thoughts, feelings and emotions create greater and sadly most often than not create limitations.

Although we all seek happiness yet somewhere, we end up functioning from lack. Reviewing my own experiences with emotions, the ups and downs that mostly didn’t have anything to do with other’s as I couldn’t control that aspect what came as the biggest realisation and practicing on a daily basis was that “when I look at things differently, things around me change”.

So, if you are looking to wake up every morning with that sense of ease, peace and happiness for no reason you might want to find out more on how one can get there. For if it is possible for me, it surely is possible for you.